April 1, 2023

Healthy Is Improving Composition

Body composition refers to what your body is made up of.

Typically, people are referring to fat and muscle when they refer to body composition. If you focus exclusively on losing weight, it can be a frustrating process if the number on the scale doesn’t change the way you thought it would. However, what is much more important is improving what your body is made up of; for example, having less fat and more muscle.

Here are three challenges that can help you improve composition, regardless of where you’re at in your health journey.


You have a superhuman power inside each cell of your body called hormesis, where short bouts of stress such as exercise make your body come back stronger than it was before. Pick a timeframe that you can commit to, an exercise you enjoy, and then enjoy the benefits of hormesis.


Inside every cell are mitochondria – the “energy producers” of our cells. Healthy mitochondria are important not only for physical composition and performance, they are also directly tied to our mental wellbeing. Adding high intensity movements to your day to day life and to your workouts triggers your body to produce new, healthy mitochondria.

There are ways to incorporate this practice into your workouts by picking up heavy things or doing things at a higher speed, but this challenge doesn’t require you to complete a high intensity workout on a daily basis. Simply start using your muscles more often by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or avoid using your hands to sit down or stand up out of a chair. The smallest changes can make big impacts down the road!


Not feeling up for those? No problem. A simple way to improve composition is through what you eat. Real food is found in nature and is food that you can pick, hunt, or gather. This challenge will show you how to identify and prioritize real food in your meals, helping you feel better and aiding in preventing chronic diseases.

Take control of your health.

All of these are simple changes that will lead to big impacts over time for your health. Sign up for your coaching session today to explore these challenges with our team of coaches. We can’t wait to see you there!

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