November 1, 2023

Healthy Is Reducing Depression & Increasing Gratitude

Prioritizing your mental health is of utmost importance.

Most of us know this, but here’s the problem: a lot of us don’t know how to actually do it. This month, we’re covering 3 different strategies proven to help, all of which are easy to add into your routine.


Scientific studies show that practicing gratitude increases happiness, has a significant impact on long-term success, and even improves numerous health outcomes. Implementing a daily gratitude practice can lead to health benefits such as a stronger immune system, reduced blood pressure, and a reduction in pain of almost 60%.

Each day, try documenting three things you are grateful for in a notebook, on a napkin, or by typing them into your phone. They don’t have to be profound. It could be a good cup of coffee, the warmth of a sunny day, or listening to your favorite song.


Our digital devices make us more connected than ever, but the amount of time and frequency with which we’re using them may be causing more health problems than we realize. 80% of us check our phones within 15 minutes of waking up. When the first thing you do is look at your phone, which contains messages, emails, and notifications that act as stressors to your brain, it robs your brain of the slow, natural priming it requires to manage stress and other functions in your body and nervous system. Try waiting at least an hour before checking your phone each morning and build other blocks of time into your day that are phone-free.


Do you ever take the time to reflect on your day and write about it? If not, you could be missing out on some remarkable mental and physical health benefits that come from journaling – and it doesn’t have to take long. Taking the time to write for 5 minutes a day about your experiences can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, help with focus, and improve your critical thinking and memory.

Simple changes, big impacts.

Come see us at our November events to learn more about these strategies, or to receive our support and guidance with any of your personal health goals! We’re here to walk with you through your health journey, every step of the way.

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