Biometrics 2.0
Bringing biometric screenings into the 21st century.

A better way to identify and reduce health risks with Biometrics 2.0 and Healthy is Wellness.

Traditional screenings are missing the most deadly and costly diseases.


Traditional biometric screenings only examine data from one source (blood), and in doing so miss 70% of those who will suffer a heart attack in the next 5 years by mistakenly mislabeling them as “low risk.”

Biometrics 2.0 from Healthy is Wellness is different. A simple finger prick and a few other simple, medical-grade assessments that take less than 5 minutes are all that are needed to assess multiple biomarkers to aid in the identification and management of chronic diseases. A major contributor to rising health care costs, chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States.

Chronic Diseases affect
6 out of 10 Americans

6 out of 10 Americans affected by chronic disease.

Results that make sense, delivered fast.

Avoid confusion with our simple scoring system that is put into a personalized context for every individual that we work with. Every person is slightly different in their genetics, goals, and health risks, so putting your results into context for you and making it easy to understand is important to us. 

Healthy is Wellness

Biometrics 2.0

✓   Access multiple biomarkers in minutes

✓   Medical-grade, non-invasive technology

✓   No fasting required

✓   All results delivered in minutes

✓   Individualized coaching and goal setting

✓   Lower costs with higher validity

Traditional Screenings

x  Risk identification from only one source

x  Invasive methods

x  Fasting often required

x  Results delivered days or weeks later

x  No coaching or personalization

x  Expensive, with risk of needing to re-test

Getting started is easy.

Getting started with Healthy is Wellness is easy.
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Biometrics 2.0,
Keeping it simple.

All the key metrics from a simple finger stick (a great alternative to traditional blood draw)

Visceral Fat

Muscle Composition

Edema Index


Grip Strength

Blood Pressure

Visceral Fat

When visceral fat increases people are at a significantly greater risk for heart disease, even if their BMI, blood pressure, and cholesterol are all within a healthy range.

Muscle Composition

Muscle is the largest metabolic organ in the body and is directly correlated to cardiovascular and metabolic disease risk. Low muscle mass is a greater health risk indicator than BMI and body fat percent.

Edema Index

Cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases are associated with fluid imbalance and inflammation. Our assessments isolate in which limbs these fluid imbalances are occurring.


Over 30 million Americans have Type 2 diabetes, the most expensive chronic disease in the U.S. This number is up 600% since 1973, and one in four of those individuals do not even know that they have it.

Grip Strength

Strength is the most under-screened, highly critical variable of human health we can measure. It is directly correlated to bone mineral density, fall risk, cognition, depression, sleep problems, and quality of life.

Blood Pressure

55 million healthcare visits per year are associated with high blood pressure and nearly half of all adults have it, but many are unaware and are not taking the simple behavioral steps to reduce it.

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Biometrics 2.0
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