Movement & Performance
Movement solutions for injury prevention and improved performance.

Movement & performance wellness solutions for businesses.

Movement Assessments

Assess injury risk.

What if you could not only see an injury coming, but do something to prevent it? In partnership with Sparta Science, our balance and jump assessments analyze stability, force creation, and injury risk, all in less than 15 minutes.

Assess employee performance.
Reduce risk of injury with coaching and support.

Coaching & Guidance

Reduce injury risk.

Our team of coaches will empower your employees with injury prevention and performance improvement strategies that simultaneously increase productivity and overall quality of life.

The impact of injuries:

The average cost of an injury is $42,000

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99 million working days are lost due to injuries

20-50% of individuals experience post-injury depression symptoms

Move without limits.

Empowering your employees to do the things they love

We believe your employees should be able to do the activities they want to do, and that moving well should not be a challenge. We help achieve this by using simple and easy strategies to help reach their movement goals. Our employer-based program conveniently comes onsite to your workplace to assess movement patterns, identify injury-risk through objective data, and equip individuals with the tools to enhance their ability to live life.

In partnership with

We have partnered with Sparta Science to bring our clients the same technology used by Navy SEALs and professional sports teams, helping every individual to measure their body’s movement as a vital sign.

Balance scan tracking and results from Sparta Science.

Balance Score

Having good balance may reduce your chance of injury and is related to good health, performance, and movement function. Your balance score measures how much your body shifts back and forth and how well you can come back to center after swaying away.

Jump Score

How you determine force while jumping can determine your risk for injury with high-intensity activities. Our jump assessment captures how you create force in three phases: load, explode, and drive.

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