April 20, 2020

Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Written by Dr. Nich Pertuit, PhD

Healthy Is Wellness is here to empower you… all you have to do is breathe!
Want to know who is in control of your health?


Want to know what is NOT in control of your health?

Anything that is outside of you.

Want to know one, simple, easy thing you can start doing today (and you already do it anyway) that immediately leads to controlling and lowering the stress in your body?

Just breathe!


Not just any type of breathing. Breathe only through your nose. In through your nose. Out through your nose. Gentle. Easy. Smooth. Nose only breaths.

Is there science to this?

Yes! Nasal breathing releases nitric oxide (which opens up your blood vessels letting blood flow smooth and easy), it helps keep you hydrated (yep, you read that correctly), and it activates the parasympathetic nervous system (“para” like in “parachute” in this context means to bring down safely and gently; so it brings down the sympathetic/stress system to a de-stressed mode).

The Most Natural Method

This strategy is used by professional athletes and meditation experts alike. You can feel the benefits of this within 30 seconds, and if you spend the whole day breathing through your nose you will be using the most natural method of de-stressing that you already have built into your amazing human body system.

Your challenge today and this week:

Just breathe through your nose.
In through the nose.
Out through the nose.
Smooth and relaxed is what you should be thinking about.

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