September 25, 2023

Boost Revenue with a Healthy Is Wellness License

Boost revenue, increase impact.


Create a culture of wellness and boost your revenue with a Healthy Is Wellness license. Provide in-person, personalized, one-on-one health coaching to your patients with the help of data from our customized health assessments:


Provide a full body composition scan in less than one minute with our medical-grade technology, providing critical insights into overall health risk and metrics such as muscle mass, visceral fat, inflammation, and more.


You’ll have the ability to measure balance, identify injury risk, provide insights on preventing injuries, and improve physical performance by looking closely at movement signatures in assessments that are non-invasive and take less than 1 minute each.


We’ve brought biometric screenings into the 21st century by providing a template to measure multiple medical-grade biomarkers that deliver a more accurate risk assessment than traditional screenings and are completed within minutes. This includes critical blood markers like HbA1c and micronutrient levels like Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Omega 3, and more.

One size doesn’t fit all, so our program can be easily adapted to fit specific health conditions, goals, and lifestyles. Customers will also have access to our behavior change program, physical handouts, and our mobile app, arming them with additional resources and the ability to set goals, track challenges, and see progress over time.


Through our revenue sharing model, your employees will be incentivized to grow the program at your location and drive membership signups. The more people they help on their journey to better health through our memberships, the more money you both will make.

Get started fast.


We get you up & running in as little as 3 weeks from the time you complete your application, sign the licensing agreement, and begin the onboarding process. You’ll have our team there to guide you through virtual employee training via our online learning management system and in-person to set you up at your pharmacy location and get you off to a great start. We make it as easy and seamless as possible while instilling the knowledge and confidence to run the program successfully, and enabling you to scale easily over time.

Our team will also provide a full marketing kit containing handouts, signage, and digital collateral for use on monitors and social media.


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