Small changes,
big impacts

Healthy is

At Healthy Is Wellness, we’re dedicated to breaking down health barriers and giving everyone an avenue to be healthy.

Our holistic approach to workplace wellbeing guides you in taking charge of your own health and living your best life.


We simplify and personalize wellness.

Medical grade

Through scientific and medical based measurements we map your health throughout your journey to provide continuous feedback about your health.

Achievable goals,
set by you

We understand that convenience is key. That’s why we have developed a program that works with your employer to integrate your health analysis into even the busiest schedule.


Each individual is unique and no matter what the current health trends are, knowing where you stand ‘today’ with your health, defines where you want to go and the best avenues to get there.

Custom Wellness Plan

Discover your path.

Each individual is different. We know a blanket approach to employee health and wellness doesn’t work for everyone. Through regular assessments, we work with you to focus your wellness towards the areas with the most impact and the least effort.

Custom Wellness Plan

A path to any outcome.

Big or small, our wellness program has a path to help you with any ailment.