Create a Culture of Health & Drive Cost Savings For Your Company

Body Composition Analysis

State of the art medical-grade technology that delivers results in less than a minute

Ongoing Personal Health Coaching

Once a month visits that help employees achieve their health goals

Monthly Challenges

Simple strategies and practical skills that lead to health success

When it comes to driving down health care costs, you might not know where to start.

What if you could turn to a team of experts who can help you implement a wellness program that delivers results?

At Healthy Is Wellness, that’s who we are – and what we do.

We take away the confusion and bring you the what, how and why of health in a way that is easy to understand and implement.



We come to you! Our health coaches bring our advanced body composition analysis technology to your location, allowing all your employees to participate in our program without the hassle and headache of going off site. We eliminate the inconvenience of travel and time requirements outside of work by coming to you once a month. That regular schedule provides an ongoing and convenient way to get the frequent feedback your employees will appreciate.


Using the details from the body composition analysis, our health coaches can help interpret objective information for employees. This includes things like the body composition analysis, muscle/fat analysis, segmental lean analysis and more. Combining this with the subjective information your employees provide (how they feel/what is motivating), our health coaches can tailor a unique roadmap to health for each participating employee.

Easy to Act On

Not only is the physical assessment as easy as standing, the monthly challenges that our health coaches present are easy to accomplish. They don’t require additional money or time, and they are based on sound scientific principles proven to deliver health benefits. Our coaches take the time to talk with each employee about their own health goals, informed by the objective and subjective details obtained through the monthly visits. 

Program Benefits


Massive Savings on Health Care

With a wellness program focused on measurable results, you can reduce health care costs by improving employee health.


Objective View of Company Health

You have access to the anonymized data from your employee participants to see where your company is on the spectrum of overall health.

Incentivize Participation

Because it’s easy and fast for you to set up our program, you can use participation incentives like HSA contributions to get your employees involved.

Start Immediately and Onboard Employees at Any Time

No matter when an employee starts, they have full access to all the challenges and health coaching sessions. And, getting started takes less than 5 minutes!

Proactive Approach to Health Education in Your Company

Implementing a wellness program like Healthy Is Wellness creates a culture of health at your company.

Advanced Body Composition Analysis

Our state-of-the-art, medical-grade body composition analysis machine takes less than one minute to measure:

  • Body fat percent
  • Lean body mass
  • Visceral fat
  • Total skeletal muscle
  • Basal metabolism
  • Segmental breakdowns
  • Intra-vs extra-cellular water
  • And more!

This same technology is trusted by professional sports teams, universities, physicians and NASA.

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